Ruth Doreen Brown

Multicultural History Centre
43 Queen's Park Crescent East
Toronto, Ont.
M5S 2C3

Telephone: (416) 979-3603
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Masters of Education
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto
Personal specialty - multicultural studies

Bachelor of Education
Faculty of Education, University of Toronto

Teacher Training Certificate
Toronto Teachers' College

Bachelor of Physical and Health Education
University of Toronto



School of Social Work, University of Toronto
Community Organization

Ministry of Education
Social Welfare Administration; Compensatory Education; Community Schools; Guidance - Part One;
English as a Second Language ( E.S.L.) - Part Three, Specialist



TEACHER - Elementary Schools

North York Board of Education ( 2 years)
Toronto Board of Education (27 years) including one year sabbatical study leave
Also Summer Assignment - "Bias in Language Arts Text Books", Junior Division



"From the Other Side"
Initiated Project with inner city youth drop-outs hired to work in classrooms as teachers' assistants.

Initiated Project, "Pinocchio For All People Week" - proclaimed by Mayor of Toronto, David Crombie.
Commissioned master wood carver, Antonio Galati, to create a Pinocchio carving over 2 metres (7 feet) tall! Activities took place around Toronto in schools, libraries, community centres and the Royal Alexandra Theatre. During the celebrations Pinocchio travelled around Toronto too!
Pinocchio now resides in his permanent home, at the Columbus Centre in Toronto.

Initiated Project, "Anansi For All People Week" - proclaimed by Mayor of Toronto, David Crombie. Brought renowned Jamaican Folklorist, Writer and Performer, Louise Bennett Coverley, ("Miss Lou"), to Toronto to tell Anansi Stories at Nathan Phillips Square (City Hall) Opening Event, the Harriet Tubman Community Centre, and in schools across Toronto.

Judge for children's art and essay contest sponsored by the Italian Consulate in Toronto.

"Vietnam. Hong Kong and Canada"
Organized school photography exhibition of work by photographer and parent, Minh Trinh.

Initiated Project, "Chinese Monkey King".
Community events and activities across Toronto, including visit by noted scholar, Anthony C. Yu,
(Professor, Religion and Literature, University of Chicago). Professor Yu had translated "The Journey To The West" (Monkey King story) into English. He met with students, school staff, and community members in Toronto.

"But Women Did Come." 150 Years - Chinese Women in North America. Member of the planning committee for the Toronto Exhibit.

Organized E.S.L. students to write and make booklets about their grandparents and other family members.

Invited by Minister of Multiculturalism, the Honourable Jean Augustine, to participate in the African Canadian Heritage Round Table in Ottawa.



Produced "Pinocchio for All People" (1975) & "Anansi For All People" (1978) Education Kits for the Toronto Board of Education. The Anansi Kit was selected for the Black Studies Resource Guide published on Black Studies by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

CORE (1982)
Book of stories and poems celebrating the lives of ordinary people who call Toronto their home. Compiled collection of stories from writers of all ages. Edited by Enid Lee.

"We've come a long way....." (1988)
Historical booklet co-written with Helen Leyland, to celebrate the 100th Birthday of the Toronto Women Teachers' Association.

"Cabbagetown, Then and Now - Amby Flanagan, an Oral history" (1993)
Booklet with stories about a Toronto neighbourhood told by longtime resident, Amby Flanagan, who was interviewed by Junior Division students interested in local history.

"Cabbagetown, Then and Now - Frank and Miyoko Ohtake, Two Oral histories" (1996)
Booklet with stories about a Toronto neighbourhood told by longtime residents. The Ohtakes' stories included memories of growing up in Alberta (Frank Ohtake) and British Columbia (Miyoko Ohtake) and their experiences during World War II. The Ohtakes were interviewed by Junior Division students interested in local history.

"Pioneer Women Filmmakers" (1999)
Fundraising Chair of Women Filmmakers' Event for the Older Women's Network.
Produced booklet featuring stories of selected Canadian women filmmakers.



Produced "Pinocchio For All People" (1981), 27 minutes Canadian documentary film. Awarded Gold Medal at the MIFED Film Festival in Milan, Italy during the United Nations International Year of the Child. Presented by Italian Ambassador to Canada at Pinocchio Exhibit in Ottawa's main library.



CHIN Picnic (1975)
At Toronto Island shared Pinocchio artifacts from "Pinocchio For All People Week" including the new, tall, carved Pinocchio. Art contest - children invited to draw the Pinocchio carving.

Pinocchio Presentations and Visitations
Belleville, Hamilton, London, Markham, North York, Toronto, Winnipeg and many other places.

Student Storytellers
Trained selected students to tell stories - in their school classrooms and at concerts. One threesome of storytellers told a Nigerian folk tale at a Board of Education Inaugural Meeting.



Foyer Toronto Board of Education, head office
*  "Pinocchio For All People" (1975)
*  "Anansi For All People" (1978)
*  "Pinocchio's 100th Birthday"
*  Handmade Tapestries by E.S.L. students inspired by Chilean arpilleras. Themes - pollution, ocean oil spill; child kidnapping; and the Toronto skyline.

"Monkey King Display" for Scarborough Saturday Chinese Heritage Language School.

Invited to participate with Pinocchio artifacts, Pinocchio books in different languages, toys, art and the "Pinocchio for All People" film, in an Italian Exhibition at the Columbus Centre.

Over the years, many libraries, schools, educators, and community organizations have borrowed or rented Pinocchio items.



Toronto Seniors' Task Force, member
Toronto Seniors' Assembly, Executive Committee member
Older Women's Network, Board member